Introducing our new Narrative Podcast Production Plans

    Stories drive conversation. They spark joy, sadness, elation, and empathy. A good story will stop you in your tracks, make you think about your own existence, and inspire you to share with others. How many time have you heard a story and then repeated it to someone else? We love to hear them, and we love to share them. Humans are wired to tell stories.

    When it comes to content, podcasts are one of the best platforms for storytelling. Most podcast listening is personal. You're in someone's ears, speaking to them like they're your best friend. When combined with great music and sound design, a show can be transformed into a truly captivating experience. Over time, listeners start to feel like they know the host of the show, and they feel invested in its success. For brands, this offers an amazing opportunity.

    Branded Podcast Production

    In the past we've explored what's involved in making a great documentary podcast. It's like crafting a movie for your ears. They take a lot of time, effort, and money to produce, but if executed well, offer huge potential. But not every narrative show needs to be a large line item.  

    Podcasts offer an amazing opportunity to speak directly to an individual listener, and the great thing is, anyone can make a podcast. But the number one thing brands do wrong in the podcast space is go it alone, and forget about WHY people are listening.

    According to Edison Research, the number one reason people are listening to podcasts is 'to learn new things'. People want to find out more about the world, and they love improving their knowledge.

    Why Make a Narrative Podcast?

    Many brands have decided to get into the podcast space - and immediately everyone starts an interview podcast. That is, they grab a microphone, they bring a guest into their office, and they ask a bunch of questions. But if that's your strategy, it's unlikely you will ever see success. Interview/conversation shows are difficult to execute as the success of the show relies on a truly engaging conversation between the host(s) and the guest(s). I hate to break it to you, but not everyone is interesting enough that people will sit and listen to an hour long conversation. These types of shows also offer very little control for a brand. If you don't have a great, engaging conversation, you'll struggle to see a good ROI.

    Narrative podcasts, like the kind we produce at Lawson Media, are all about story. These are high-quality productions using a mixture of interviews, archive audio, music, and sound effects that take listeners on a journey. And it's these high-quality productions that are driving huge growth in the podcast space.

    If you want to stand out, and get a great return for your business, you need to create something memorable. Narrative podcasts, crafted by professionals, are the best bet. They offer a level of control that you can't get from doing an interview show, and they're designed to be deeply engaging.

    Podcasts also offer the advantage of feeding your entire content cycle. Once an interview is recorded for a podcast, it can be converted into great content for your website or blog. That same content can also be made into audiograms for social media. And if you add video to your production, it could also be uploaded to YouTube. Plus, the added advantage is that you own your audience.

    Introducing our Podcast Subscription Plans

    At Lawson Media, we're driven by a love of journalism and narrative stories. As COVID hit, we sat down and looked through our options and decided it was time we made a change. One which refocused our business and allowed us to offer better, more affordable pricing for clients. That's why we're introducing our new Podcast Production Subscriptions.

    We want businesses of all sizes to get in on the podcast sector. No company should be locked out from creating narrative podcasts because they can't get a huge production budget approved. That's why our new subscription production plans are focused on delivering real value at an affordable, fixed, monthly price.

    Lawson Media Podcast Plans

    All our plans can be customised depending on your requirements. Want to add guest research, have a custom theme track produced, or even add video to your production? We can tailor our plans to suit you.

    And if you're a non-profit organisation, we've got discounts available to help you access our services at a more affordable rate.

    The Production Process

    When you subscribe to one of our podcast plans, our team gets right to work. We book an on-boarding session where we discuss your goals and objectives, and we work with your team to develop a concept that will make your business stand out.

    The shows we create aren't about selling products - listeners will see right through that. They're primarily about sparking conversations. If you're a hardware chain, we'll help you become the go-to resource for anyone looking to build something. If you're a flower business, perhaps your goal is to build a resource which helps people who want to get started. If you run a tech business, we'll develop a show that drives awareness about an issue you care about. It doesn't matter what industry you're in, we can help create a podcast that will elevate your brand and the issues you care about.

    Once we've landed on a great idea, we'll work on developing the voice of the show. That is, finding the right presenter, sourcing great theme and production music, and figuring out an episode format. Whether we're using a presenter from your team, or you want to hire an expert from ours, we'll create a unique sound for your podcast.

    We see podcast production as a partnership. It works best when our teams work together to craft a show that will really deliver on impact. If your team already has content producers writing blogs and other articles, we'll work with them to find and record amazing guests - after all, you are the expert in your field and probably know a lot of people in your space. If you need us to do guest research and booking, we have a team of producers available to do that too.

    Once guests are lined up, we'll facilitate the recordings and get started on the scripts. Going through a scripting process allows us to control the narrative so we can hit on all the key points that need to be discussed in an episode. This is one of the huge advantages of producing narrative podcasts over doing a straight interview show. Our team sits down and reviews the audio, along with the scripts, to make sure everything is as refined as possible.

    After your team is happy with the script, we'll go through a post-production process where we mix and master the show for publication. That includes removing glitches or stumbles, adding music and sound effects, then balancing all the audio elements, and exporting files in the best format for delivery.

    Quality Service - Guaranteed

    The team at Lawson Media are experts when it comes to producing narrative podcasts. It's all we do. It's all we care about. We obsess about the quality of our content, and for a brand that results in content that will actually see results.

    There are many companies making podcasts these days, but our focus on narrative content sets us apart. We care about stories because they drive conversation, and they're what's driving growth in our industry. If you're going to make a podcast, do it right the first time.

    If you're interested in having a podcast produced, we'd love to work with you. You can find more details on our podcast plans on our website:

    Kristofor Lawson

    Kristofor Lawson

    Kristofor is the CEO of Lawson Media, and is an accomplished journalist with experience working for some of Australia’s largest media organisations including ABC, SBS, News Corp, and Network Ten.

    Melbourne, Australia